MAITRII, H2 Inhalation Therapy&relaxation / at Osaka, JAPAN

MAITRII, H2 Inhalation Therapy&relaxation / at Osaka,JAPAN

H2 Inhalation Therapy
~a method of obtaining a large amount of Hydrogen

H2 is a small and safe molecule with unique properties, 
priceless for the human body and our overall health. 


Hydrogen water has already proven beneficial to those living healthy lifestyles with the H2 inhalation therapy spreading only recently.


In Japan,

hydrogen inhalation is the popular way of hydrogen consumption.


Hydrogen inhalation therapy is becoming more and more popular these days, 
providing consumption of larger amounts of hydrogen in shorter time periods 
which leads to fast therapeutic effects.


H2's wonderful benefits will lead you to a healthy & joyful life!


The details of H2 Inhalation Therapy

 ■30min 2,000Yen

 ■60min 3,600Yen

 ■90min 5,100Yen


Special menu for foreign tourist
H2 Inhalation Therapy & Body treatment 

■Trial : 1hour 6,000Yen
   30min massage + 30min H2 Inhalation + Zen tea time

■Standard : 2hours 12,000Yen
   60min massage + 60min H2 Inhalation + Zen tea time

■Luxury : 2.5~3hours 22,000Yen

 120min massage + 60min H2 Inhalation + Zen tea time

*Our body treatment(Japanese Shiatsu style) is not only soothes the body, but also approaches to energy revitalizing its flow in the body.
After the treatment, you should eventually experience having your body and mind balanced.

*In "ZEN-Suiso"couse,you can wear Zen-KIMONO(samue) duraring the session.


The High Quality Hydrogen Supplement "MARU"

You can have two capsules of hydrogen supplement before your H2 Inhalation therapy.
And also you can buy the bottle of hydrgen supplement and take it to your home! Ask at the reception
  >>see the details

What is "H2 Inhalation Therapy"?

The H2 inhalation therapy procedure is carried out by inhaling hydrogen gas (H2) through a medical cannula connected to a hydrogen generator.

Hydrogen is a biologically active molecule (H2), which has many properties,including anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Aging testifies to the damage of millions of cells of the body by oxidation.
Hydrogen eliminates the toxicity of oxygen.

Why is H2 beneficial to our health?

Active Oxygen,the Cause of Aging

O2 can oxidize and make something rust (Oxidation Power), but the intercellular "Reactive Oxygen Species"(ROS) have stronger oxidation effect than O2.

ROS are more reactive, and will oxidize cells and genes, meaning that they can ruin our health.

The damaged cells will be repaired, but gradually the restoring the cells will start to run behind, which will appear in our eyes as aging or illnesses. 


Hydrogen,Antioxident Power

Before ROS can do us any harm,H2 can take care of all of its oxidation power, preventing our body from oxidation (antioxidant effect), aging and sickness can be prevented too. 

In addition to that,H2 also has Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

By appointment only

Mail: / Application Form
Phone: 06-6886-1184

4F Shin-Osaka-Dainichi BLD.
5-6-16 Nishi-nakajima,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka
 (We are next to the Washington Hotel Plaza)
>>MAP  >>Access with some pictures


Open: 10:00am ~ 22:00 (Last appointment 21:00)

Language assistance available in Japanese or English,

The payment is accepted in cash or with a credit card (VISA/Master/Diners/AmericanExpress/Discover).

The High Quality Hydrogen Supplement made in JAPAN , "MARU"

90 capsules / bottle
 (We recommend you to have 1~3capsules  for A day.)

Microcluster packed in a capsule of high quaity hydrogen supplement “MARU” is powder made of nano-level silica particulate  (Dr. Patrick Flanagan is a patentee) and microminerals.  
Hydrogen supplement “MARU” ensures intakes of rare ingredients which are necessary for beauth and health,such as hyaluronic acid (effective for anti-aging) and moisturizing ingredient like fish collagen (good for the skin and the joint).  

We focused on 6 rare ingredients for the sake of the health preservation.

Fish collagen  
 beautifying component from fish, easily absorbed by the body  

 moisturizing ingredient for the joint with a capacity of absorption, 
  three times stronger than glucosamine
Hyaluronic acid
 to prevent rough dry skin and decline of skin firmness and elasticity

Proteoglycan extracted from cartilage of salmons
 to support standing up and walking 

Hydrogen absorbing silica (Silica dioxide fine powder)
 to feed moisture to the cells and to discharge toxins from the body
Platinum nanocolloid
 new material with anti oxidation power - several tens of times 
 stronger than Vitamin C.

<<Further information>>

Important information about molecular hydrogen
To date, 500 scientific articles have been published and 1600 studies have been done on more than 170 different models of human and animal diseases,which confirm that hydrogen has therapeutic potential.


Hydrogen inhalation is expected to be as a method of cardiac arrest treatment in Japan

 H2 inhalation is expected to be as a method of cardiac arrest treatment in Japan Since February 2017, the first multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the effects of hydrogen inhalations in cardiac arrest in patients has been conducted.

This serious study is designed for 3 years with the participation of 15 medical institutions and the registration of results in 360 patients.
Expected positive results will open new horizons in the medical field for the treatment of emergency cases and assistance to patients.
H2 inhalation is expected to be an innovative treatment that protects the life and function of the patient’s brain after cardiac resuscitation and helps the patient recovers.

Access from JR Shin-Osaka Station (3mins on foot)

escalators and stairs

Exit the JR Shin-Osaka Station South Gate and you will see escalators and stairs going down to your right side.

Descend to the lower floor, and then continue forward.
(That is 
Central Exit.)


 Bus stop for Itami Airport

Once you exit the main entrance, now head left.
You will see a bus stop for Itami Airport.



Cross the crosswalk

Cross the crosswalk by the bus stop, and then keep walking on the sidewalk.

Go around the slope 

Continue on until you reach a slope.
Go around the slope .



head to the right

and head to the right


head to the right

Please head to the right again.
You will see the underpass under the train tracks.

Go through

Go through the underpass under the train tracks.


Cross the crosswalk

Cross the crosswalk under the pedestrian bridge.


convenience store(LAWSON)

Continue forward until you see a convenience store(ローソンLAWSON)on your left.


Doutor Coffee

If you continue down the same path,
you will see The Washington Hotel Plaza.

Continue forward.


The Udon restaurant

If you continue down, 
you will see The Udon restaurant(なにわ家 naniwa-ya).

Turn left just before you come to The Udon restaurant on the corner one back from the traffic signal.


the entrance of the building

We are in the second building from The Udon restaurant on the corner.
(Shin-Osaka-Dainichi BLD)

The signboard of the SUSHI-restaurant(こがん鮨 Kogan-sushi)  is in the entrance of the building.

※If the entrance is locked, please call us(TEL: 06-6886-1184)

The information board of the building. MAITRII is on 4F.

Please go into the entrance.




We are on the 4th floor.



Please come in!